Dragostea Din Tei surfaces again

Dragostea Din Tei surfaces again

Ok, so how many of you remember the slightly odd - but usually entertaining - group of people who took on the Dragostea Din Tei song by O-zone back at the start of the year?

I was setting my German iTunes account up recently (to allow me to download music that's popular over here and not even available in the UK*) and somehow came across a load of different versions of the song. I don't even remember how, but I guess I must have searched for it for some reason. It turns out that it's available in house versions, rock versions, original Italian versions (?!), original Romanian versions, German versions and all sorts of other club mixes.

Curious, I downloaded the German version - Unsichtbar (Dragostea Din Tei) by Lisa Aberer - as it sounded entertaining in the 30 second iTunes clip. Sadly I wouldn't say it was worth the .99c but hey, we all make mistakes.

* like Melanie C who seems to have released loads more here than back at home, or that's the impression that iTunes gives


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