I did it again

I was at work until gone 8 on Thursday and didn't have anything in at home to eat, so I went to have a quick meal at the Irish bar. I was doing well, and pacing my drinks very well, until I started getting into the music a bit more (the guy that's playing at the moment is the guy that was playing when I first came here). I then spotted that one of the people I'd met last week was at the bar, so I went over and had a few drinks with him. Again, it was late when I got home after staying till closing time, then watching an episode of The Office. Thankfully it was nowhere near as late as the last time, but still much later than I should have been up on a work night.

Argh. I can't do this kinda thing any more. It's not too bad until it starts affecting my work, but that's the point at which it has to stop. I'm going to avoid drinking this week. Let's see if I can stick to it!


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