Renewing the lucky bamboo

Renewing the lucky bamboo

My lucky bamboo from IKEA (apparently actually a Dracaena sanderiana plant) started going a little yellow about a month ago and despite trying to help it through the cold months, it just got worse and worse until its leaves drooped completely and bits of the stalk had started to mould.

It's really sad to see a lucky bamboo wilting, so today I made a trip to IKEA to go and get myself a new one. After winding my way through the shop - it's really annoying to have to go all the way through everything and every one of the Saturday shoppers just to find the one thing you're looking for - I walked past a selection of weedy looking lucky bamboo plants. Thinking they were maybe just the rejects, or just a few randomly placed ones, I headed on through to where I got my first one.

Shock horror: they had promoted the straight buff bamboos to the front of the shop and left the bent bamboos hiding at the back where nobody would spot them. I couldn't condone that behaviour, so I went back and picked out the nicest bent bamboo I could find. Bobby the Bent Bamboo is now standing pride of place on my window ledge, waiting to bask in his first day of winter sunshine tomorrow.


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